How to resolve domain name without specifing www for record type

Will Yardley william+dns at
Fri Oct 5 17:58:02 UTC 2001

Rick Evans wrote:

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> I have been running MS DNS for quite some time now and have decided to
> switch to BIND for several reasons.

good decision!

> I am in the process of cutting over and have ran into an issue.  On
> our MS server, I can create a record for a domain so customers can go
> to without having to type in the www first.  I am trying to
> get that to work under bind and not having any luck.

hrmm it's pretty simple.  create an A record for as well as

$TTL 2h
@       IN      SOA (
                         2001050906 ; serial
                         3h ; refresh
                         30m ; retry
                         3w ; expire
                         5m) ; minimum
        IN      A
        IN      MX      0
        IN      NS
        IN      NS
        IN      NS
[some lines removed]
www     IN      A

nothing to it.  just make sure that you have the an A record for the
origin (@) that's the same as the A record for www.

> I have the file created and it works fine as long as I
> put in the www first.  I have under hosts an A record for www.  On a
> separate line, I have another A record with the same IP address only
> with nothing in the first part (no www or anything) however it doesn't
> work.  Is this the correct way to do it?  Sorry for my ignorance.

don't be sorry for your ignorance.  however you should be sorry for not
including the zone file or telling us the name of your domain.  if you
try to disguise your domain name it makes it hard for anyone  to figure
out your problem.  include your zone file, relevant bits from your
named.conf and use the real name for your domain and i'll bet that
someone will be able to help you rather quickly.


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