Resolving domain name with www record

Rick Evans rick.evans at
Fri Oct 5 18:18:51 UTC 2001

Sorry about typing so long and no <CR>.  First time posting.
I am running BIND v8.2.5 for NT.  I put the @ symbol in the 
db file and it still fails.  I will give some more information to help.
I have created a file named  In the file, I have
two records that appear as follows:

@        IN    A
www    IN    A

The entries in named.conf for the above file are as follows:

zone    ""    IN    {
    type master;
    file "";

I have stopped and restarted the BIND service however when doing an 
nslookup, I get non-existent domain.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Rick Evans

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