how to bend bind

Len Conrad LConrad at
Mon Oct 8 12:58:25 UTC 2001

>maebye this question is too stupid for you all.
>but i ask it now.
>what s the difference between bind and a resolver ?

BIND is the reference implementation of the RFC's covering DNS.  It 
contains both a DNS service and a DNS client. The DNS client is the part 
that "resolves" queries into answers, resolver part.

Resolvers and resolver routines are also usually present in an OS with a 
tcp/ip stack.  These resolvers, in general, will not interatively follow 
"referrals" ("best" NS's known by the answering DNS + their ip addresses 
aka "glue") returned by DNS to get an "answer", but send recursive queires 
that are asking the queried DNS to navigate the namespace to get the "answer".

eg, a Windows resolver sends recursive queries, expecting an answer. If it 
is given a referral, it won't re-iterate the query to the referred-to DNS 
to find the answer.

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