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Mon Oct 8 13:03:25 UTC 2001

"timon.roth" wrote:
> what s the difference between bind and a resolver ?

BIND is a nameserver, meaning it can answer a DNS query.

BIND is a "recursive resolver" meaning asked a simple query, it
can figure out and raise the various queries needed to answer
the simple query. i.e. You want, so first we
must find the name servers at Microsoft).

When BIND is a "caching name server" it is (usually) acting as a
"recursive resolver".

A "resolver" is just some code that you call to get an answer
about something from the nameservice (Could use NIS or
/etc/hosts or NIS+).

This "resolver" code often raises a DNS query to a separate
recursive resolver (often a BIND name server), this kind of "ask
someone else" resolver is called a "stub resolver".

You may see reference to the BIND source code including a
"resolver", but you don't need to worry about this, I never have

I'm sure Cricket explains it much more eloquently.

In summary;

stub resolvers - create simple queries.
recursive resolver - answers queries by raising more queries.
nameserver - answer queries from recursive resolvers.

These are roles, and often (for better or worse) several maybe
undertaken by the same program. Recursive resolvers are often
referred to as nameservers, but that is largely because the two
roles have historically been merged in the BIND software. Life
is simpler if you separate the two roles when thinking about
DNS, even if you choose to use one instance of BIND to do both

> so now im quite for the moment and gona read along in this book
> dns & bind. for me as a poor webpublisher it is hard stuff to handle.
> but my boss told me to keep this dns-thing working.

All the questions you have are answered in the book - do make
sure you have Edition 4.

Except perhaps the question on where the files go which is
largely a convention which varies with OS, and version of BIND.

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