how to bend bind

Richard Chew rchew at
Mon Oct 8 13:14:56 UTC 2001

At 02:04  8/10/01 +0200, timon.roth wrote:
>hello everybody
>maebye this question is too stupid for you all.
>but i ask it now.
>what s the difference between bind and a resolver ?
>my next question is what files are essential for the
>proper work of the bindsoftware and where must they be placed.
>another question is where to install the bindsoftware fortuanlly.
>so now im quite for the moment and gona read along in this book
>dns & bind. for me as a poor webpublisher it is hard stuff to handle.
>but my boss told me to keep this dns-thing working.
>thanks for any help and greets from switzerland


Richard Chew
Telstra Internet Network Development

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