Questions on setting up BIND

Rick Evans rick.evans at
Mon Oct 8 13:47:01 UTC 2001


    We are in the process of re-doing our DNS for  We have been running 
Windows NT version and have been having several problems.  I have gotten the BIND
v8.2.5 installed on a different PC with all of the zones recreated.  The question I have
is the proper way to implement it.  All of our domain registrations with Network
Solutions points to (routermsm) and (news).  I am wanting
to change the names of the servers that will be hosting the DNS records to something
more standard (ie: NS1 & NS2).  I have the new BIND records setup to reflect this and
after removing the WINNT DNS and putting in BIND, have the new names reflected in 
the file.  Should I setup a CNAME to point to the old routermsm name
until we can make the appropriate changes on Network Solutions or does the name listed
even matter?  I will also be changing the secondary name server to a different IP address
on a different segment vs what it is currently (news @  Currently, there is no 
server even at that address.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Rick Evans

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