I need help?????? dns and nslookup

Turner, David R IT1 (CNE N655D) cneN655D at naveur.navy.mil
Wed Oct 10 10:04:10 UTC 2001

please help, when trying to use nslookup on my gauntlet(sun-ux) firewall,
its default server is pointed to an internal HP-ux box. however I get this

bash-2.02# nslookup

*** Can't find server name for address Server failed

*** Default servers are not available

my question is where on my sun box do I configure where do I need to edit
for nslookup to go somewhere else. any help would be greatly appreciated.

also I get this error on my firewall logs. the from is my internal dns box,
going to the inside interface of my firewall. does anyone know how to
eliminate this. I am running bind 8.3

thanks for your help


Oct 10 08:19:17 thames.naveur.navy.smil.mil unix: securityalert: udp if=hme1
from to on unserved port 61416

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