exchange primary ns with secondary ns

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Oct 10 10:12:22 UTC 2001

Gie wrote:
> question : can i exchange primary ns with secondary ns??, so a
> configuration in IDNIC like :

I'm no expert on the IDNIC - but the concept of a primary server
is usually hidden to people outside the management of your
domain (Except for dynamic update, which muost people don't do,
and even then it trusts the SOA). So I doubt IDNIC need to know
this kind of detail.

So why do you think you need to swap these around?

The nameservers for the subdomains jkt, slo, crb, appear to be
paired (good), but on the same physical networks (bad). So if
one of these cities is unreachable you may get the wrong sort of
errors returned, consider adding another secondary for these
zones on an "out of city" nameserver.


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