Intermittent DNS Domain Issues

Terrence Koeman root at
Wed Oct 10 17:48:58 UTC 2001

Just that the IP addresses differ almost nothing and that the paths are
identical doesn't say that there is no adequate failover.

My DNS servers are and and both have the same
path, but if there is some problem in that path there are 3 backup paths
available (from the backbone to the servers). So unless the entire
Level(3) backbone goes down my nameservers will be reachable.


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> If we are talking about "" the answer is obvious :
> they have both their nameservers on the same segment
>          2D IN NS
>          2D IN NS
>       2D IN A
>      2D IN A
> Thus any comminucation problems to that part of internet will
> create problems.
> No _sane_ DNS admin would place all nameservers at the same spot
> on earth !!
> ( there is ways to "float" nameservers using routing protocols,
> but in this
> case it does not seem to be present. Traceroute to both NS gives
> identical paths )

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