Intermittent DNS Domain Issues

Will Yardley william+dns at
Wed Oct 10 18:10:36 UTC 2001

Terrence Koeman wrote:
> My DNS servers are and and both have the
> same path, but if there is some problem in that path there are 3
> backup paths available (from the backbone to the servers). So unless
> the entire Level(3) backbone goes down my nameservers will be
> reachable.

however if they're behind the same router it's possible that they'd both
be unreachable if that router went down.... i'm assuming that if they're
in the same class c they're on the same switch or router (unless you're
doing routing tricks).  also if one particular person (or caching
nameserver) has a bad route to that network both the nameservers could
appear down and a negative answer would be cached for possibly quite a
while.... whereas the chances of this happening with a nameserver on a
different network are smaller.

and of course what if something happens to the physical location where
your nameservers are located.  of course in either case your other
machines might be unreachable too, but the negative information could be
cached once again, couldn't it?

i'm not overly anal about this sort of thing, but i would say at least
put them on different networks / physical locations.


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