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Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Wed Oct 10 23:28:20 UTC 2001

> Hi ng. i'm an italian student from Sardegna, i'm trying to use bind-9.1.3 in
> my slackware... but i've most problem with zone and reverse files...
> anyone can send me an example of these files? i've tryied to use my bind
> 8.x.x conf but they don't work?
> Thanks by Yoshy

	If you were to look back through the archives you would
	find thousands of examples (plenty of them broken along
	with corrections).

	The master file format hasn't really change in the last 10
	year (there have been a couple of extentions) however the
	parsers are less tolerent of errors.

	Perhaps if you posted your zone file without changes and
	the error messages that named generated it would be more

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