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Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Oct 14 21:04:13 UTC 2001

At 06:32 AM 10/12/01, MarcoA wrote:
>i am the newbie in the subject. :-)
>i had to replace my current unix dns server (solaris 2.5 AFAIK) with a new
>BIND setup on my NT server.
>i know NT is NT but this is the only replacement i can do at the moment.
>we have domain name, a www and a mail serer over a cable connection with our
>provider, which give us a secondary nameserver.
>i tried installing BIND 8.2.5, configuring it as a primary and,
>surprisingly, it worked at the first shot.
>i couldn't believe it.
>i was able to configure BIND for internal www server and mail server. they
>were reachable both from the inside and from the outside world. nslookup
>query showed anything fine, MX records resolved, etc.
>yesterday night something has changed: this morning none of our internal
>server was reachable except SOA,
>none of the 'A', 'CNAME' records were reachable.. what can be happened?

What are the symptoms?  What are the messages you get when you use
dig to look up an address?  Is this just the internal zones? What's in your
named.conf?  Were there changes to the Firewall?

>logging was activated but i am not expert enough to understant where
>problems are (any reference on the web?)
>NT event viewer shows 4 entrie each time i start the service:
>1) starting (C:\WINNT1\System32\dns\etc\named.conf).  named 8.2.5-REL Sat
>Sep 29 00:00:06 2001
>  mayer at tecolap:src/port/winnt
>2) directory . is world-writable
>3) cannot set resource limits on this system
>4) directory c:\winnt1\system32\dns\etc is world-writable
>can anybody explain wha is happening?  the world-writable errors happen even
>if the \etc folder is accessible only by "system"

These are normal messages.  None of the checking has been implemented on
NT so you see them.  You can ignore them.

>i don't know which other details can help troubleshooting this
>please ask and i'll post them.
You need to give some specific errror messages if someone is going to be able
to help you.


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