second-level names valid as nameserver?

Simon Waters Simon at
Sun Oct 14 21:24:51 UTC 2001

SL Chow wrote:
> Please excuse what is probably very basic question.  Is it valid to use
> a second-level name e.g. as both a domain and a nameserver? 

If your registrar allows it I guess yes, but I'd avoid it, a
nice "ns" name for your name servers is far more descriptive and

> I've seen them exist as separate NS and A records.  What are these types of
> A records used for?

So you can use URL's beginning "" rather than
"" is the usual reason. Some people put their
mail server IP address in and hope that the various Internet
MTA's find it when they notice the MX record is missing, it
probably works but I wouldn't recommend that either.

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