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shmoppy shmoppy at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 14 22:10:00 UTC 2001

traceroute.org, excellent tool! that's exactly what I
was looking for. in order to do a traceroute it's got
to successfully do a lookup on one of my dns servers
(unless cached elsewhere). if their dns server wasn't
able to resolve the hostname to an IP the trace
wouldn't even start right?


--- Len Conrad <LConrad at Go2France.com> wrote:
> >What is the best method for testing a zone's
> >propagation? I'm wondering because I know my zone
> info
> >is being picked up by most other DNS servers out
> >there, but I've gotten reports that some others
> can't
> >see my zone at all. It's pretty easy to find out if
> >your own DNS box is working, but what is a good way
> to
> >test others (aside from digging each one)?
> go to traceroute.org and trace to your hostname.
> >  What would
> >be nice is some tool that would query 15-20 major
> >servers on different network segments accross the
> >globe to sort of test the "health" of a domain. I'd
> do
> >this myself if i knew of 20 good servers to use.
> the 20 would have to allow recursion from internet,
> good luck.
> nytimes.com NS used to allow recursion and zone
> transfer.
> >  I
> >just verified that all the gtld servers have to
> >correct authority info
> that's sufficient for any DNS to find your NS's,
> assuming you haven't 
> screwed the delegation.
> >, but I've still gotten reports
> >from 5 or 6 ISP's that don't know my zone exists
> when looking with what tools?
> Len
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