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Brian Salomaki brian at gambitdesign.com
Sun Oct 14 19:02:57 UTC 2001

If all of the delegation is done properly and has propagated to all of the 
gtld servers, then any problems with resolving the zone are most likely not 
propagation delays, but misconfigurations either on your end or theirs.  
Tools such as the open-source doc or commercial utilities such as Men & 
Mice's DNS Expert can help to point out any errors in zone data or 
delegation.  If you post your domain name on the list, as well as names of 
the ISPs/servers that cannot resolve your domain, list members are usually 
happy to do a little digging or other work to see if they can find any 
problems that may not be obvious at first glance.

On Sunday 14 October 2001 02:24 pm, shmoppy wrote:
> What is the best method for testing a zone's
> propagation? I'm wondering because I know my zone info
> is being picked up by most other DNS servers out
> there, but I've gotten reports that some others can't
> see my zone at all. It's pretty easy to find out if
> your own DNS box is working, but what is a good way to
> test others (aside from digging each one)? What would
> be nice is some tool that would query 15-20 major DNS
> servers on different network segments accross the
> globe to sort of test the "health" of a domain. I'd do
> this myself if i knew of 20 good servers to use. I
> just verified that all the gtld servers have to
> correct authority info, but I've still gotten reports
> from 5 or 6 ISP's that don't know my zone exists and
> i'm worried that there may be many more out there.
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> thanks in advance for any help.
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