Distinct Mailservers for Subdomains?

Cameron Turner cam at turner.fm
Mon Oct 15 16:21:01 UTC 2001


I think this is a simple problem, but I haven't been able to find a 
solution in the archives.

I have the following DNS record (best viewed in fixed width):

$TTL 86500
@ IN SOA mydomain.ca. webmaster.mydomain.ca. (
      ; expiry stuff here

; NS RRs
@                 IN NS    ns1.myotherdomain.ca.
@                 IN NS    ns2.myotherdomain.ca.

; Names that NEED IP addresses
mydomain.ca.      IN A
mail              IN A

; Mailers
mydomain.ca.      IN MX 0  mail.mydomain.ca.

; Standard Aliases
www               IN CNAME mydomain.ca.
ftp               IN CNAME mydomain.ca.

; Additional Sub Domains
dev               IN A
subdomain         IN A     205.X.X.X

What I need to do is setup another mail server entry (MX entry) for 
"subdomain", so that user at subdomain.mydomain.ca will be routed to 205.X.X.Y 
instead of

The user who owns subdomain does NOT want to manage a DNS server, but does 
want to manage a private mail server.

Thus any mail sent to a user at mydomain.ca would be sent on to my mail server 
at where it would get handled and delivered, but for mail 
sent to user at subdomain.mydomain.ca it would be sent on to 205.X.X.Y for 

I could probably figure out a hack with my email server, but there are 
going to be HUNDREDS of subdomains that will need this capability, each 
handling their own mail (and web), but not DNS.

Thanks for any solutions/help/suggestions/pointers to FAQs you might have,


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