Distinct Mailservers for Subdomains?

Michael Kjorling michael at kjorling.com
Mon Oct 15 16:29:02 UTC 2001

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First of all what you have created below isn't a subdomain, but a
host. A subdomain involves delegation, even if that delegation goes to
the same name servers.

Second, what's the problem? Just set up an MX record pointing to an
appropriate host, perhaps like so:

> subdomain A 205.x.x.x
>           MX 10 mail.subdomain
> mail.subdomain A 205.x.x.x

Of course you can name it whatever you like, however it has to refer
to a hostname and not an IP address.

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 15 2001 12:21 -0400, Cameron Turner wrote:

> ; Additional Sub Domains
> dev               IN A
> subdomain         IN A     205.X.X.X
> What I need to do is setup another mail server entry (MX entry) for
> "subdomain", so that user at subdomain.mydomain.ca will be routed to 205.X.X.Y
> instead of
> The user who owns subdomain does NOT want to manage a DNS server, but does
> want to manage a private mail server.
> Thus any mail sent to a user at mydomain.ca would be sent on to my mail server
> at where it would get handled and delivered, but for mail
> sent to user at subdomain.mydomain.ca it would be sent on to 205.X.X.Y for
> processing.
> I could probably figure out a hack with my email server, but there are
> going to be HUNDREDS of subdomains that will need this capability, each
> handling their own mail (and web), but not DNS.
> Thanks for any solutions/help/suggestions/pointers to FAQs you might have,
> Cam

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