Distinct Mailservers for Subdomains?

Will Yardley william+dns at hq.newdream.net
Mon Oct 15 16:29:48 UTC 2001

Cameron Turner wrote:

> What I need to do is setup another mail server entry (MX entry) for
> "subdomain", so that user at subdomain.mydomain.ca will be routed to
> 205.X.X.Y instead of
> The user who owns subdomain does NOT want to manage a DNS server,
> but does want to manage a private mail server.
> Thus any mail sent to a user at mydomain.ca would be sent on to my mail
> server at where it would get handled and delivered,
> but for mail sent to user at subdomain.mydomain.ca it would be sent on
> to 205.X.X.Y for processing.

why not just set an MX for the subdomain to point to the other person's
machine?  otherwise (if you want it to go through your machine first)
you should definitely deal with it on your mail server.


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