setting up diff. name resolution depending on request source

Brian Salomaki brian at
Mon Oct 15 20:42:34 UTC 2001

Also, if there's no specific reason that you don't want to use Bind 9, then 
there is a much more graceful solution, called views, by which one instance 
of named can respond as two.  You might want to look into that.

On Sunday 14 October 2001 09:44 pm, Cricket Liu wrote:
> > I'd like to set up a DNS that works for both my internal network (which
> > I already have), and for incoming requests from the internet.  In other
> > words, I'd like to be able to specify that internal requests receive,
> > say,, while external requests receive another IP.
> >
> > how can you do this in BIND8?
> The only way to do this with BIND 8 is to run multiple instances of named
> on the box, each listening on a different network interface and with its
> own named.conf file and zones data files.  For more information, see the
> section of "DNS and BIND"s Chapter 11 called "Two Name Servers in One."
> You can read it online at:
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