Bad dotted quad - Connection problem.

Takacs Istvan istvan.takacs at
Tue Oct 16 11:43:55 UTC 2001


I use BIND 9.1.0 on Red Hat Linux 7.1 to resolve
the addresses in our private network.

When I start named, it writes these error messages to the log:

Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: no IPv6 interfaces found
Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: dns_rdata_fromtext: db.1.168.192:14:
near eo
l: bad dotted quad
Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: dns_zone_load: zone
N: loading master file db.1.168.192: bad dotted quad

These are the records in db.1.168.192:

Line number:
14 10              IN      A     
15 11              IN      A     

I don't want to use IPv6 based addresses, so I don't understand
its problem.

I'm afraid, I have another problem.
On the DNS server I can connect to it with nslookup, but if I try
the same on a client, than it doesn't find the name server.
It gets the correct IP address of the name server from dhcpd, so
I don't understand why I can't connect to it.

Thanks in advance!



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