Bad dotted quad - Connection problem.

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at
Tue Oct 16 12:01:43 UTC 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Takacs Istvan wrote:

> Hi,
> I use BIND 9.1.0 on Red Hat Linux 7.1 to resolve
> the addresses in our private network.

Please upgrade to BIND 9.1.3

> When I start named, it writes these error messages to the log:
> Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: no IPv6 interfaces found
> Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: dns_rdata_fromtext: db.1.168.192:14:
> near eo
> l: bad dotted quad
> Oct 16 13:26:53 filesrv named[18486]: dns_zone_load: zone
> N: loading master file db.1.168.192: bad dotted quad
> These are the records in db.1.168.192:
> Line number:
> 13
> 14 10              IN      A     
> 15 11              IN      A      is not a dotted quad.

You might want to use PTR RR types here instead of A RR types.

> I don't want to use IPv6 based addresses, so I don't understand
> its problem.

Nothing to do with IPv6. the first logging message was merely to inform
you that "no IPv6 interfaces" were "found", which is okay if you don't
have IPv6 interfaces.

> I'm afraid, I have another problem. On the DNS server I can connect to
> it with nslookup, but if I try the same on a client, than it doesn't
> find the name server. It gets the correct IP address of the name
> server from dhcpd, so I don't understand why I can't connect to it.

If you provide more information (configs and such) someone might be able
to help you pinpoint the culprit.

Roy Arends

0-14-023750-X dcrpt ths 43.0D.01 01.05.0C 84.18.03 8A.13.04 2D.0B.0A

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