Host not in any zone?

Brian Salomaki brian at
Tue Oct 16 19:06:22 UTC 2001

Just a far as I know, WinXP home doesn't let you set a Windows 
NT domain.  This is totally different from setting a default search path, and 
typically does not involve DNS in any significant way.  NT domains are a way 
to manage file shares and access lists for NT workstations across a corporate 
network.  I can't even imagine that Microsoft, as braindead as some of their 
decisions may be, would remove the ability to have a default search path for 
name resolution.

On Tuesday 16 October 2001 10:46 am, Mark_Andrews at wrote:

> > In current Windows versions you can always set your domain, but in XP
> > Home Edition this won't be possible, so thats a problem there.
> 	Well vote with your wallet and don't buy XP Home Edition.
> 	For most home user I doubt that they will even notice that
> 	the functionality in not there.  They generally never use
> 	unqalified names.  I know my wife doesn't and she fits the
> 	typical home user profile.
> 	The ones that do are used to connecting to corporate networks
> 	though there are a few home networks appearing.  MS may or
> 	may not reverse there decision once they get feedback from
> 	this lot of users though I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.
> 	Mark
> > Greetings, Bart.
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