Host not in any zone?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Oct 17 04:41:33 UTC 2001

At 03:06 PM 10/16/01, Brian Salomaki wrote:

>Just a far as I know, WinXP home doesn't let you set a Windows 
>NT domain.  This is totally different from setting a default search path, and 
>typically does not involve DNS in any significant way.  NT domains are a way 
>to manage file shares and access lists for NT workstations across a corporate 
>network.  I can't even imagine that Microsoft, as braindead as some of their 
>decisions may be, would remove the ability to have a default search path for 
>name resolution.

NT domains and IP domains are not the same thing.  NT domains were
being phased out in W2K by using Active Directory to migrate the NT domain
to an IP domain.  From the sounds of it, the process is completed in XP by
eliminating NT domains in favor of Active Directory coordinated IP domains.


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