Multiple Domain dns resolution??

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Oct 18 23:38:31 UTC 2001

Why are you assuming a dependency between subnets and domains? You could have
just a single domain for everything, one of the nameservers would be master,
and the other 2 could be slaves or stubs. If you have no need to resolve
external names, then you could even throw *everything* into an internal root
zone, if you wished.

If for some reason you *must* have separate domains, then just make each
machine a slave/stub of the 2 domains for which it is not master. Avoid
forwarding if you can.

- Kevin

Mostro wrote:

> I have 3 subnets on my LAN, NONE with an outside connection to the
> Internet..
> Subnet 1 window 2000 domain with AD and 2000 clients only.
> Subnet 2 with NT 4.0 domain with 2000 and 98 clients.
> Subnet 3 with Linux dns.
> How can I get resolution between all 3 domains.
> ex.  to ping a FQDN name from Subnet 1 to Subnet 2.... ping
> I was reading about forwarders but the document said not to use forwarders
> on each domain becuause of looping and excessive traffic.
> Thanks in advance!
> Mostro

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