Mail routing and MX records: trouble

Simon Waters Simon at
Mon Oct 22 18:09:20 UTC 2001

Steve Linberg wrote:
> Thanks for the response, and please be free with the cluebat if I'm
> being dense.

If you are being dense so am I. only lists one nameserver in the zone file. This
is a bit messy, but doesn't look like it has caused any problems
since 1995. Basically if you were caching this, when the server
went down, your server might not fall back to the secondary DNS
as quickly as it should...... cc: Admin

A couple of domains involved have extra NS records in the zone,
that are not in the delegation ( being one - the
shagrat NS entry probably doesn't gain you much - have a think
about it), but that is hardly unusual.

The IP address reverse lookup is fine, and the forward lookup of
the result returns the same IP address. It is possible these
servers have a really paranoid antispam settings, inisting on
the same domain, or your sender domain is mistyped(?), could you
post the bounce message (Including headers), although I suspect
this is drifting off-topic from DNS to mail.

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