Questions about Win2k Active Directory and BIND

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Mon Oct 22 23:03:21 UTC 2001

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>Hi all,
>Please pardon the newbie questions.  I'm hoping to get off on the right foot
>here and I'm hoping this will reach the attention of some folks with Win2k
>DNS experience as well as BIND.
>We're an ISP and one of our clients is about to implement Win2k active
>directory.  We run DNS on Bind 8.2.x (Solaris) and we're authoritative on
>the client's 2ld (I don't want to name them, so for this example let's call
>them "") -- we host and
>on our servers.  They want to run their own DNS server, and they want to
>call their root since it's only going to be an internal
>1) Do we need to delegate to them, or is it sufficient to
>allow them to consider themselves authoritative without actually being
>authoritative? I'm afraid that by delegating we let the world know about
>their internal namespace.

If this subdomain doesn't need to be visible to the rest of the Internet,
you don't need to delegate it to them.

>2) Can they be authoritative on (i.e. we delegate it to
>them) and still run a separate caching DNS server so that they can resolve
> in case the T-1 between them and us goes down?

If they're caching-only for everything outside, how
would the caching part look up if the T-1 were
down?  What I think you want to do is be primary for and
secondary for  It will then be caching for everything else.

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