Questions about Win2k Active Directory and BIND

Mon Oct 22 21:49:38 UTC 2001

Hi all,

Please pardon the newbie questions.  I'm hoping to get off on the right foot
here and I'm hoping this will reach the attention of some folks with Win2k
DNS experience as well as BIND.

We're an ISP and one of our clients is about to implement Win2k active
directory.  We run DNS on Bind 8.2.x (Solaris) and we're authoritative on
the client's 2ld (I don't want to name them, so for this example let's call
them "") -- we host and
on our servers.  They want to run their own DNS server, and they want to
call their root since it's only going to be an internal

1) Do we need to delegate to them, or is it sufficient to
allow them to consider themselves authoritative without actually being
authoritative? I'm afraid that by delegating we let the world know about
their internal namespace.

2) Can they be authoritative on (i.e. we delegate it to
them) and still run a separate caching DNS server so that they can resolve in case the T-1 between them and us goes down?

Thanks in advance.

-- ned

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