how can i resolve a domain to show all hosts?

Waltner, Steve swaltner at
Tue Oct 23 16:42:51 UTC 2001

To get all entries for a zone, you need to do a zone transfer (axfr
request). This is sometime blocked, so you may get a permission denied
error. You need to do the zone request from a machine that is either a
master or slave server for the zone. Here is how you use either dig or
nslookup for zone transfers and dump the results into a text file called

$ dig axfr >

$ nslookup
> server
> ls >
> exit


> Hi all,
> I have a question and I don''t know if it's possible.
> If you have a domain say is there a way to get all the hosts from
> their NS?
> Such as, etc...
> And I mean the entire list ;) not just the nameservers....
> I have a domain I need to check for strange entries in their NS, but have
> no
> clue how to do this...
> Oh yeah and what's this operation called? dig? nslookup? resolving? .....
> ?
> I have Linux and Windows so if there's a special program involved you know
> what platform I use :)
> Thanks in advance!
> --
> Greetz,
> Cyberdude47.
> Webmaster of
> bash: /bin/laden: No such file or directory

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