Q: how can i resolve a domain to show all hosts?

Linus Corin bind-ml at linus.uk.telia.net
Tue Oct 23 17:02:47 UTC 2001

This will actually just show an A and NS records for the domain if
existent, or the SOA record if not. To display all records in the domain,
one of the authoritative name servers must allow zone transfers from where
you are. The command named-xfer, or "ls -d" in nslookup will perform this.

$ nslookup
server ns1.example.com
ls -d example.com

$ named-xfer -z example.com -f /tmp/example.com -s 1 ns1.example.com

Linus Corin

PS: Solaris is a Unix operating system. The commands dig, named-xfer and
nslookup are distributed as a part of the BIND dns server. Some
operating systems provide their own versions of these tools.

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On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, dave at cpfc.org wrote:

> Got linux, unix or solaris then
> dig domain.dom
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> Subject: Q: how can i resolve a domain to show all hosts?
> Hi all,
> I have a question and I don''t know if it's possible.
> If you have a domain say bar.com is there a way to get all the hosts from
> their NS?
> Such as foo1.bar.com, foo2.bar.com etc...
> And I mean the entire list ;) not just the nameservers....
> I have a domain I need to check for strange entries in their NS, but have no
> clue how to do this...
> Oh yeah and what's this operation called? dig? nslookup? resolving? ..... ?
> I have Linux and Windows so if there's a special program involved you know
> what platform I use :)
> Thanks in advance!
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