Resolving without TLD

Brian Salomaki brian at
Tue Oct 23 21:24:03 UTC 2001

I suppose if the DNS server that you have specified in your resolv.conf or 
similar file/configuration setting is configured to respond to requests for 
"northpoint." with that IP address, then it would work.  If that is the case, 
then only clients who are set up with your DNS server in their resolv.conf 
will be able to get to that site.  Other resolvers on the internet will not 
know to query your server for "northpoint."  Have you tried a 'dig 
@yourdnsserver northpoint.'?  Sorry if I'm asking questions that have already 
been proposed, but I don't have the entire thread in front of me.

On Tuesday 23 October 2001 05:01 pm, adam brower wrote:
> >>...let me emphasize again
> >>
> > > that the actual *url* to which my request resolved was:
> > >
> > >       http://northpoint/
> > >
> > > exactly as typed, including the slash. No "expansion"
> > > took place. At the time, I went to,
> > > just to be sure I wasn't nuts.
> I'll take one more stab at this. When I went to the
> URL "", I reached the expected
> IP. When I entered "http://northpoint/", I reached the
> referenced unsecured front end. I will not take offense
> at the assumption that I am somehow ignorant of the
> "autocomplete" feature of most browsers (which are
> always disabled when I use them.) If readers don't know the
> answer, that's fine; but it strikes me as silly, lacking
> an explanation, to pretend that the phenomenon I'm reporting
> doesn't exist!

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