procedure to make DNS server authoritative

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Tue Oct 30 19:21:26 UTC 2001

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Maksym Moyseyenko <max_moyseyenko at> wrote:
>My domain is registered through Their name servers are
>used now as authoritative and primary NS for my domain.
>1) What is the procedure to get rid of using their name servers and to
>start using the DNS server at my site as authoritative and primary NS
>for my domain?

There should be a form on their web site for changing the nameservers of a
domain you own.  You'll first need to register the hostnames and addresses
of your servers.

>2) As far as my company is going to supply ASP services so what is
>more common over the Internet - to use registrar's name server either
>to use company's name server as primary?

I think most hosting companies run their own primary DNS server.  And they
either run their own secondary server as well, or make use of their ISP to
provide secondary DNS.  I think most of the domains that registrars host
are for small companies, private individuals, or domains that are parked
until the owner gets their server set up.

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