home.com didn't resolve for 29+ hrs??

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 01:46:04 UTC 2001

baywood wrote:
> Query logging doesn't tell us anything about cached data or recursion
> (recursion is disabled when using +trace). All query logging tells us is
> that +trace does multiple queries, something like
> dig .
> dig @root
> dig @gtld
> dig @dns

If you dig @remote server, your DNS server is not contacted so
query logging doesn't log a query.

> Dig is tracing a delegation path by following referals from the root servers.
> It seems logical that each query is using the answer from the previous one.

It uses the nameserver from the last query, but it has to look
up the IP address of that name server using normal name
resolution, thus you hit the cache. 

I assume doc probably does the same thing, but you just have
more chance to spot bad things if you query everything in sight.
> > However I don't suppose you have a trace from the point at which @home
> > wasn't working?
> Heh, I wish. I was stumbling around, trying different queries, when
> home.com started resolving. It looks like I'll never know what happened
> but I'm prepared for the next time.

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