BIND 9 crashes on Windows platform workaround

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Dec 1 01:41:26 UTC 2002

BTW, you should install BIND 9.2.2rc1. 9.2.1 has a timer problem
which causes it to eat CPU. 9.2.2rc1 fixes that.

At 01:01 PM 11/28/02, Scott MacLean wrote:

>Like pretty well everyone else who has put 9.2.1 in production on a
>Windows platform, I found out that it was locking up fairly
>frequently. I've been told that it is a known bug, and the solution is
>to wait for 9.3 "someday" that will fix the problem. Except that I've
>got 9.2.1 already in production.
>My solution was to write a small app that continually queries the DNS,
>both TCP and UDP, and if it discovered that it had hung and was no
>longer responding, killed and restarted the named process. Since
>running this app, I've had no complaints and no outages of more than
>15 seconds.
>I figure if it's useful to me, it will probably be useful to others as
>well, so I've released it, free of charge:

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