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Jeff Lasman jblists at nobaloney.net
Mon Dec 2 00:34:02 UTC 2002

Dave Comcast wrote:

> I run several web sites and have used DNS2Go and HN.org since I started.
> Lately they suck so I'm trying it on my own.  I have 5 static IP's.  1 IP is
> used for all email and web serving.  4 are left for DNS servers.  I'm
> looking for someone who is very good with bind to help me with setting up my
> first zone and making sure that named.conf is correct.  I pick up on things
> pretty quick.  Bind has me stumped.

Well we're usually better at answering specific questions.

Just where are you stumped?

Start at the beginning <smile>...

What operating system/distribution/version are you using?

Have you installed bind successfully?  Does it answer requests?

Are you asking someone to log into your system and set it up for you? 
Or teach you, or handhold you?

Yes, DNS is important, but for only a few domains it's NOT rocket
science, so I'm sure you can set it up with just a bit of help, if
that's what you want.

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