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Dave Comcast dgattis at comcast.net
Mon Dec 2 04:55:23 UTC 2002

My error.  NS1.romehosting.com =

"Jeff Lasman" <jblists at nobaloney.net> wrote in message
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> Dave Comcast wrote:
> > I run several web sites and have used DNS2Go and HN.org since I started.
> > Lately they suck so I'm trying it on my own.  I have 5 static IP's.  1
IP is
> > used for all email and web serving.  4 are left for DNS servers.  I'm
> > looking for someone who is very good with bind to help me with setting
up my
> > first zone and making sure that named.conf is correct.  I pick up on
> > pretty quick.  Bind has me stumped.
> Well we're usually better at answering specific questions.
> Just where are you stumped?
> Start at the beginning <smile>...
> What operating system/distribution/version are you using?
> Have you installed bind successfully?  Does it answer requests?
> Are you asking someone to log into your system and set it up for you?
> Or teach you, or handhold you?
> Yes, DNS is important, but for only a few domains it's NOT rocket
> science, so I'm sure you can set it up with just a bit of help, if
> that's what you want.
> Jeff
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