Glue record... how to.. what is?

phn at phn at
Mon Dec 2 19:15:50 UTC 2002

Steve Job <lists at> wrote:

> I am getting a bad score from since I am not sending a 
> glue record with the CNAME record.

> is a CNAME to
> My nameserver is not authoritive for
> My nameserver also does not allow recursive queries.

Obfuscating domains will take off 110 points 

> How would I configure Bind to append a glue record for a domain that is not 
> configured for my nameserver.

You don't. That's the way it works in DNS. A CNAME is a pointer to some other
server that knows.

> --------------
> Took off 10 points for having a CNAME ( is really with no glue, which causes extra DNS
> lookups.
> -------------------

> Thanks for any help,
> -Steve

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