Problems with "rndc reload"

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Mon Dec 2 18:36:07 UTC 2002

Michael Keightley <mk at> wrote:
> I've recently upgraded from Bind 8 to Bind 9.  With Bind 8, whenever I added
> or deleted an IP address I would run "ndc reload" on all our internal 
> secondary DNS servers so they knew about the change.  With Bind 9, it looks
> like you should be able to do "rndc reload", but no zone files get reloaded on
> the secondary, I need to do "rndc reload <zone>" instead.  As we have lots of
> zone's that could be changed, this is a bit of a pain.  Does "rndc reload" 
> without giving a zone name meant to work?

if you update a zonefile, adding or removing records, all you need to do
is 'rndc reload' on the master.  The slaves should receive a NOTIFY
and reload automatically ( if NOTIFY is not supported they will 
reload within the "refresh" time given in SOA for the zone)

There is no need to do anything with the slaves unless you add or change 
complete zones.

> Michael

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