Problems with "rndc reload"

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Mon Dec 2 22:02:19 UTC 2002

> I've recently upgraded from Bind 8 to Bind 9.  With Bind 8, whenever I added
> or deleted an IP address I would run "ndc reload" on all our internal 
> secondary DNS servers so they knew about the change.  With Bind 9, it looks
> like you should be able to do "rndc reload", but no zone files get reloaded o
> n
> the secondary, I need to do "rndc reload <zone>" instead.  As we have lots of
> zone's that could be changed, this is a bit of a pain.  Does "rndc reload" 
> without giving a zone name meant to work?
> Michael
	rndc refresh
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