Secondary DNS server serving as primary

sudhakar sudhakar.peram at
Mon Dec 2 22:51:53 UTC 2002

Thanks a lot for the response. With reference to my previuos mails I was
wondering what would be the effect bringing the primary server down and
running the secondary DNS server without making any changes in the
I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions.



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Subject: Re: Strange entries in secondary DNS server

These files were created by dynamic DNS updates to the 10.10.1/24 and
10.100.1/24 zones.  Your secondary must be configured to allow dynamic DNS
updates for these zones.

Check your logs for more information, especially any logs that were created
from the "update" category.

Since your files are empty, I'd suspect that nothing really happened that
would make any difference.

Bill Larson

sudhakar wrote:

> Hi all,
> My primary DNS server was down for some time and I was wishing that I
> use the secondary DNS server in the mean time.
> What has happened is that there are strange entries like:
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Dec  2 14:22 db.1.10.10.QrZfBa
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Dec  2 14:22 db.1.100.10.N2jGta
> I'd appreciate if any of you gurus can explain to me why this is happening
> and how can I come around it.By the way my name resolution has stopped
> working.
> Thanks,
> Sudhakar

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