Strange entries in secondary DNS server

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Tue Dec 3 00:08:02 UTC 2002

> Hi all,
> My primary DNS server was down for some time and I was wishing that I could
> use the secondary DNS server in the mean time.
> What has happened is that there are strange entries like:
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Dec  2 14:22 db.1.10.10.QrZfBa
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Dec  2 14:22 db.1.100.10.N2jGta
> I'd appreciate if any of you gurus can explain to me why this is happening
> and how can I come around it.By the way my name resolution has stopped
> working.

	Just change the slave to a master.  You can do this provided you
	have not blown away the cached zone files.  Named doesn't remove
	expired cache files so that this can be done if needed.

	Comment out the masters clause and change the type to master.
	Also you may need to adjust allow-transfer and allow-update if
	the zone is dynamic.  Don't forget to adjust the masters clause
	on the other slaves.

	I also recommend updating the SOA to reflect the change.
	Alternatively you could just touch the zone files and restart
	(not reload) the nameserver.  This would give you another expire
	period to fix the master.  You should only do this if you don't
	need to make changes to the zone.  If you need to make a change
	to a zone promote the slave to a master.

	The files above a temporary files.  You can just remove them.


> Thanks,
> Sudhakar
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