Newbie question again...

Jeff Lasman jblists at
Tue Dec 3 18:45:59 UTC 2002

Dave Comcast wrote:

> OK.  Thanks.
> The zone name is
> The name servers are ( and
> (
> NS3 is currently the only name server that is up.  I'll bring up NS1 when I
> grasp the config issue.

Hmmmm... I was able to resolve a minute ago, but
can't any longer <frown>.  Is it set up as a master or a slave?  If a
slave, did it just expire the record for itself?  Is there a problem
with the zone at or at, the two
nameservers listed as authoritative for  Neither of
these nameservers appear to be authoritative for

Why can't we reach  The network appears to be down
after  Comcast appears to be dropping the ball.  Are you
hosting through a cable connection?  If so, you might consider something

I can't do a traceroute on rubymanager because the nameservers for it
can't be reached <frown>.

Try to fix your connectivity first...

Then send us a copy of the relevant section of your named.conf file, and
a complete copy of your zone file.

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