Newbie question again...

Dave Comcast dgattis at
Tue Dec 3 20:55:53 UTC 2002

Unfortunantly, there is no other option in this area.  I have 5 static IP's
and the bandwidth to do this.  When everything is running properly, I will
switch to these name servers also.  Is that why the DNS
isn't considered authoritative?  Here is my named.conf and zone file.  This
one is the master.

"Jeff Lasman" <jblists at> wrote in message
news:asiude$2pna$1 at
> Dave Comcast wrote:
> > OK.  Thanks.
> > The zone name is
> >
> > The name servers are ( and
> > (
> >
> > NS3 is currently the only name server that is up.  I'll bring up NS1
when I
> > grasp the config issue.
> Hmmmm... I was able to resolve a minute ago, but
> can't any longer <frown>.  Is it set up as a master or a slave?  If a
> slave, did it just expire the record for itself?  Is there a problem
> with the zone at or at, the two
> nameservers listed as authoritative for  Neither of
> these nameservers appear to be authoritative for
> Why can't we reach  The network appears to be down
> after  Comcast appears to be dropping the ball.  Are you
> hosting through a cable connection?  If so, you might consider something
> else.
> I can't do a traceroute on rubymanager because the nameservers for it
> can't be reached <frown>.
> Try to fix your connectivity first...
> Then send us a copy of the relevant section of your named.conf file, and
> a complete copy of your zone file.
> Jeff
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begin 666 named.conf
M+RH-"D))3D0X(&UA:6X at 8V]N9FEU<F%T:6]N(&9I;&4@=VET:"!M87-T97(@
M;B B(CL-"G5S92UI9"UP;V]L('EE<SL-"GT[#0H-"B\J(')E;6]V92]A9&0@
M=&AE(&-O;6UE;G0 at 9&5L:6UI=&5R<R!B96QO=R!T;R!A8W1I=F%T92]D:7-A
M;7E?9FEL92![9FEL92 B8SI<=VEN;G1<<WES=&5M,S)<9&YS7&5T8UQN86UE
M8V%T96=O<GD at 9&5F875L="![;7E?9FEL93M].PT*(&-A=&5G;W)Y('!A;FEC
M('MM>5]F:6QE.WT[#0H at 8V%T96=O<GD@<&%C:V5T('MM>5]F:6QE.WT[#0H@
M8V%T96=O<GD at 979E;G1L:6(@>VUY7V9I;&4[?3L-"B!C871E9V]R>2!Q=65R
M:65S('MM>5]F:6QE.WT[#0H at 8V%T96=O<GD@;&%M92US97)V97)S('L@;G5L
M>7!E(&UA<W1E<CL at 9FEL92 B9&(N-C at N-C N,3 B.R!].PT*>F]N92 B,"XP
M+C$R-RY)3BU!1$12+D%24$$B('MT>7!E(&UA<W1E<CL at 9FEL92 B9&(N,3(W
++C N,"([('T[#0H`

begin 666 db.rubymanager
M=V5B;6%S=&5R+G)O;65H;W-T:6YG+F-O;2X@* T*(#(P,#(Q,C R,#$).R!Z
M;VYE('-E<FEA;"!N=6UB97(@:6X at 8V-Y>6UM9&1X>"!F;W)M870-"B R,38P
M, D[('-L879E('!O;&QS(&UA<W1E<B!F;W(@4T]!+W-E<FEA;"!N=6UB97(-
M"B Q.# P"0D[('-L879E(')E+7!O;&QS('5N<F5A8VAA8FQE(&UA<W1E<@T*
M(#@V-# P, D).R!S;&%V92!E>'!I<F5S('IO;F4 at 869T97(@;6%S=&5R('5N
M<F5A8VAA8FQE( T*(#@V-# P( D).R!45$P at 9F]R(&YE9V%T:79E(&%N<W=E
M<G,-"B I#0H[($YA;64@<V5R=F5R<R -"CL@#0H[=&5S="YK,3(N;6DN=7,N
M($E.($Y3(&II;FMI97,N=&5S="YK,3(N;6DN=7,N( T*.W1E<W0N:S$R+FUI
M+G5S+B!)3B!.4R!Z;VEN:W,N=&5S="YK,3(N;6DN=7,N( T*.R -"CL at 2&]S
M="!N86UE<R!A;F0 at 861D<F5S<V5S( T*.R -"G)U8GEM86YA9V5R+F-O;2X@
M24X at 02 V."XV,"XQ,"XR,#(@#0IF=' N<G5B>6UA;F%G97(N8V]M+B!)3B!!
M(#8X+C8P+C$P+C(P,CHR,2 -"FUA:6PN<G5B>6UA;F%G97(N8V]M+B!)3B!!
M(#8X+C8P+C$P+C(P,BXX,#@P( T*.R -"CL at 06QI87-E<R -"CL@#0IW=W<N

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