How to append a glue record from another domain.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Dec 3 22:07:27 UTC 2002

Steve Job wrote:

> How would I configure Bind to append a glue record
> for a domain that is not configured for my nameserver.

You can't. If BIND is not configured for the name, or the zone which contains the name, then the only way it can get it is by recursing,
which you say below you do not want to do.

> I do not want my nameserver to respond to all recursive
> queries.  And that is the only way I can think I can accomplish
> this task.
> Took off 10 points for having a CNAME ( is really with no glue, which causes extra DNS lookups.

I have a couple of kludgey ideas:

1) Have a script periodically (less than TTL) query the canonical name from an address which is allowed to recurse (e.g. loopback). That
way, the record is always in the cache and will be returned since the server doesn't have to recurse for it.

2) Set up a zone for just the canonical name. This requires the creation of some sort of synchronization mechanism, in case the canonical
name ever changes.


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