How to append a glue record from another domain.

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Tue Dec 3 23:08:12 UTC 2002

> Steve Job wrote:
> > How would I configure Bind to append a glue record
> > for a domain that is not configured for my nameserver.
> You can't. If BIND is not configured for the name, or the zone which contains
>  the name, then the only way it can get it is by recursing,
> which you say below you do not want to do.
> > I do not want my nameserver to respond to all recursive
> > queries.  And that is the only way I can think I can accomplish
> > this task.
> >
> > Took off 10 points for having a CNAME ( is really
> with no glue, which causes extra DNS lookups.
> I have a couple of kludgey ideas:
> 1) Have a script periodically (less than TTL) query the canonical name from a
> n address which is allowed to recurse (e.g. loopback). That
> way, the record is always in the cache and will be returned since the server 
> doesn't have to recurse for it.
> 2) Set up a zone for just the canonical name. This requires the creation of s
> ome sort of synchronization mechanism, in case the canonical
> name ever changes.
>                                                            -
> Kevin

	Or better still don't worry about this stupid test.  Cross zone
	CNAMES are used all the time.  Yes it causes a additional series
	of lookups but so what.  It's the price you pay to have a third
	party host your services.

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