Bind 9 HELP Please....

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Dec 4 00:51:27 UTC 2002

"chadstanphill at" wrote:

> I got all the files I need from like bind-9.2.1-1.7x.2.i386.rpm
> bind-utils-9.2.1-1.7x.2.i386.rpm, caching-nameserver-7.2-1.noarch.rpm
> and I loaded them under GNORPM on X the install went with out any errors and
> all the files seem to be there like named.conf. BUT for some reason it is
> not working when I do a netstat -l it is not running when it says it is. So
> I try do a restart of the named and it fails under the STOP part but when I
> just hit start it says its ok but it will not stop.
> This is RH 7.3 I have done many reloads of the files listed above and no
> luck.
> One more thing when I did the verify option in GNORPM for the Bind file I
> get 2 problems found and they say rndc.conf MD5--Filesize and the other says
> rndc.key MD5--file size.

Well, the rndc file errors might prevent the "rndc" command from being able to
control the nameserver. Is that what Red Hat uses for managing named?

As for why named is not showing up on your "netstat", that's anyone's guess. If
named is failing to start, there should be something in your logs to indicate
why. If it's starting and crashing, there's probably a log message, but even if
there isn't, you should be seeing a core file in whatever directory you've told
named to run in.

- Kevin

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