Cross update between MS DNS on NT4 and Bind 9.2.1NT

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Dec 4 00:53:41 UTC 2002

"Atomas Jr." wrote:

> Hello,
>         i just upgraded bind from version 4 to 9.
> Now i want (bind9nt4) to be the secondary dns for
> (MS DNSnt4)
> Both  dns server are actually set as primary for all domain.
> Both company have their zones set up as primary on both dns.
> I would like to create secondary zone (backup) on each dns server.
> In Bind, with my bind dns oreilly book. everything seem to be ok.  The
> problem seems to be from the ms dns.  When i set the secondary zones
> on the bind server i receive "connection refused".
> is a NS of and i added my ip to the
> notify list of that domain on the ms dns.  it looks like i missed
> something.

There's not much a BIND slave can do if the master is refusing
connections. Look more deeply at how the MS-DNS server is configured. Ask
a Microsoft group if necessary.

- Kevin

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