NSI Not allowing Host registrations for nameservers in sub-zones?

Shane Brath shane at bratnet.net
Wed Dec 4 03:09:26 UTC 2002


	I am just looking to find out if I am just missing something or what.

	But several of the reps at NSI that I have talked to have told me
	that they no longer allow registration of name servers in anything other
	than the first level of a zone.

	IE: ns1.company.com and ns2.company.com are OK
	But: ns1.dns.company.com and ns2.dns.company.com are not OK.

	Have I completly missed something, or are the people at NSI just
	jerkn' me around.

	I have tried "without luck" to register several new name servers for my
	that are in a sub-zone, but they are all being rejected.

	Sugestions, other than move the name server names into the zone itself?

Shane Brath
Sr. Lead Software Development
TDS Telecom, Madison WI.
shane at bratnet.net

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