NSI Not allowing Host registrations for nameservers in sub-zones?

Bob Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed Dec 4 18:36:33 UTC 2002

Shane Brath wrote:

>	I am just looking to find out if I am just missing something or what.
>	But several of the reps at NSI that I have talked to have told me
>	that they no longer allow registration of name servers in anything other
>	than the first level of a zone.
>	IE: ns1.company.com and ns2.company.com are OK
>	But: ns1.dns.company.com and ns2.dns.company.com are not OK.
>	Have I completly missed something, or are the people at NSI just
>	jerkn' me around.
>	I have tried "without luck" to register several new name servers for my
>	that are in a sub-zone, but they are all being rejected.
>	Sugestions, other than move the name server names into the zone itself?
>Shane Brath
>Sr. Lead Software Development
>TDS Telecom, Madison WI.
>shane at bratnet.net
If company.com has been registered then isn't dns.company.com automatically resolved by the ns at company.com?
If you have registered a domain do you know have autority over all subdomains?
Just asking but it seems that it should work that way?

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