connection reset in log

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Dec 5 19:44:18 UTC 2002

bizbox wrote:

> hi,
>     i encountered something like this in my named-admin.log , can anyone
> interpret what does it means??
> Dec 05 15:52:36.259 client: warning: client 123.45.678.90#21115: error
> sending response: connection reset
> Dec 05 15:52:39.301 client: warning: client 123.45.678.90#21116: error
> sending response: connection reset

Hmmm... Isn't it rather self-explanatory? Your nameserver was trying to
send a response back to a client, but there was a network error.
"Connection reset" implies that the response was made via TCP (UDP is
connectionless), although sometimes error-code-to-text routines get a
little over-specific, and maybe this was UDP after all.

In any case, if your clients and servers are separated by a firewall and/or
router filter, you might want to review the TCP rules in the relevant

- Kevin

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