Possible to copy an entire domain?

Don Stokes don at daedalus.co.nz
Sun Dec 8 09:20:47 UTC 2002

Doug Barton <DougB at dougbarton.net> wrote:
>Brian Johnson wrote:
>> Can static zones share the same master file?

Your example does not give IP addresses for ns1.example.com &
ns2.example.com, i.e. example.com shouldn't be one of the zones sharing
the file.

Mind you, there's a lot to be said for a common file along the lines of:

$TTL 8h
@	SOA ns1 hostmaster (
              42 1d 12h 1w 10m )
              ; Serial, Refresh, Retry, Expire, Neg. cache TTL
	NS	ns1
	NS	ns2
	MX	0 mailhost
ns1	 A
ns2	 A
mailhost A
www	 A

i.e. the name servers (and everything else) are always within the
domain.  You can fully qualify things like the mail host if you like.

Putting the name servers inside the domain forces the registry for the
parent domain to publish glue, which it may not if the name servers for
the domain are not in the same parent domain as the domain itself --
I've seen DNS lookups fail quite frequently in cases where the
delegation points to another domain which in turn has name servers in a
third delegation, and the first two "hops" lack glue.  

-- don

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